Corporate & VIP customers

The core business of AIP is the design, manufacture and installation of complete, integrated interiors for VIP aircraft

Typically AIP delivers and installs bespoke interiors for four VIP narrowbodies, four business jets, and one widebody VIP aircraft per year.

AIPs  capabilities for the VIP/business market are uniquely different:

  • An exceptionally well educated and highly trained workforce. Many of the staff were students at the world-famous École Boulle in Paris, a historic school of cabinet-making and wood-working arts and crafts. Within AIP, there is an internal training process, ensuring the skills are passed from one generation of employee to the next.


  •  Production know-how and industry-leading capabilities in all the crafts required to create the end product. AIP has internal specialists to design, deliver and integrate mechanical, electrical, water and air systems into complete interiors of the highest quality.


  • Program management of all facets of the engineering, production and installation tasks – ensuring that the finished project is delivered to specification, on time and on budget.

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